It’s crucial to any organization’s diversity strategy that all employees have the opportunity to be involved and have their voices heard. With this in mind, we launched our employee-led Holler Task Force. The goal behind the Task Force is to support and advance Holler’s position on diversity, inclusion, and belonging, and ultimately serve as a safe space for conversation and education around how we can continuously work to be better. The responsibilities of the Task Force range from planning social events to reviewing Holler policies, with the idea being that the group has the autonomy to promote various diversity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives throughout Holler. 

The Task Force officially kicked off in early Fall of 2020 and so far has executed programming specific to Native American Heritage Month (a cooking class and weekly educational content), Martin Luther King Jr. Day (content related to honoring and celebrating MLK), and Black History Month (a screening and discussion of a short film and a book club).

Six months in, here are some of the takeaways from Holler’s Task Force:

“Being part of an inclusive company has really helped prioritize and drive our agenda by allowing the sharing of knowledge and best practice for all. The DIB (diversity, inclusion, & belonging) Task Force at Holler encompasses members across different teams & levels, inspiring each other to be ourselves and make a true difference in our employees daily working lives. We discuss topics that matter to our employees and build a supportive and sustainable culture where all employees know they are included and valued. We pioneer voices, we learn and we spark ideas on how we can innovate and continue to develop as a diverse and inclusive company. “ - Juliana, Marketing Solutions

“Being part of the Holler Task Force allows me to think more expansively about how to build an inclusive workplace. Our conversations cover a range of topics that help us stay mindful and aware of how we can continue to improve our company culture. And part of inclusivity means expanding our conversations to all employees. There is strength in numbers – we have the power and opportunity to build a safe space where all are appreciated, listened to, and valued.” - Hannah, Studio

“Being part of the Holler Task Force has allowed me the opportunity to collaborate with people that I don’t normally work with everyday, which has been great. Over the next few months, I’d love to focus on getting more employees involved in the important conversations we’ve been having on what diversity, inclusion, & belonging look like for us at Holler. The more people involved, the more impactful our progress will be.” - Kelsey, People

“Being on the Task Force is not only an opportunity to shape the culture of the company, but also an opportunity to learn about the different parts of all of us that make up that collective culture. I hope with what we’re doing that we can help educate ourselves and our colleagues on our cultural differences and similarities, bringing us all closer because of them.” - Ori, Marketing

Holler’s Task Force is in full swing, and there’s plenty of work to be done! We look forward to continuing to use the Task Force as a safe space to encourage discussion and support of diversity, inclusion, and belonging at Holler.